One of the biggest misunderstandings associated with oral ATP supplementation is the erroneous conclusion that ATP and creatine are the same thing. Regardless of whether creatine is used as a stand-alone or a as part of a formula, creatine works by increasing intramuscular phosphocreatine levels and thereby increasing ATP re-synthesis rates. Creatine does this by donating a phosphate group to ADP (Adenosphine DI phosphate) to form ATP (Adenosphine TRI phosphate). “PEAK ATP’s main difference is that it increases ATP in the BLOOD not the MUSCLES. Taking oral ATP is a way to directly increase intracellular muscle ATP via blood flow.  Increasing ATP in the bloodstream creates a vasodilation response and the delivery of key nutrients to muscle. It is also essential for muscle excitability, muscle velocity and power.

“This is the best creatine product I have ever tried. Period. I was skeptical at first about the amazing claims, so I decided to go with the free sample. After using up the sample, I’ve already had great gains. (5-10 pounds per workout) And this was just the sample.” -Supplement Reviews Read more here!


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