Training Tips – Medicine Ball Training!

by Susan Kocab


Incorporating medicine ball exercises into any fitness regimen is a great way to rev up your workout, boost calorie burn and improve athletic performance.  I love work working the medicine ball into my workout routines and it is easily done due to its incredible versatility.


Whether you are a beginner or seasoned fitness practitioner the benefits are profound. Here are the top reasons to incorporate medicine ball exercises into any workout routine.



The essence of strength training is not merely about the number of plates you can rack on a barbell.  Strength for athletes is about being explosive. Lifting heavy builds slow twitch muscles. This is beneficial in one realm.  However, incorporating explosive movements with a medicine ball will help work those much need fast twitch muscles.


With that being said, what is strength without force?


You get the point… Incorporating explosive movement with a medicine ball after heavy lifting is a great way to boost explosive power.


Speed is Power


I’ve heard it time and time again as competitive athlete and boxer. Speed is strength. These explosive exercise boost speed as the work fast twitch muscle fibers.

Horizontal Reader – PUMP
Horizontal Reader – CC Creatine
Horizontal Reader – CC WHEY



There are several medicine ball exercises that entail movements that improve balance and overall agility. Adding a medicine ball to bodyweight exercises such as the push-up provides a small tweak to an exercise but reaps substantial benefits.


This simple addition adds variety and incorporates the work of varied muscle groups. As well as working in an unstable environment which helps to build better muscle stability and overall balance.




Versatility at its core, the medicine ball is a great workout tool for better core strength and a lean abdominal wall.


The added challenge of the weight of a medicine ball is one core boosting component but not the only positive detail.  The small, weighted, round workout machine is highly versatile for working all abdominal muscles from upper, lower and obliques.


Here are my must try exercises with a medicine ball.


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