Make It or Break It – Peak Week

by Charles Rucker


THIS is it. These are the “make or break” moments. You work for months hoping THIS week, it all comes together. Going into the final week of contest preparation, you’re mentally exhausted, physically weak, and most of all, hopeful.


Getting ready for the show my coach, Doug Porterfield, and I didn’t really change a lot going in “Peak Week”. Peak week is the most important week of your prep because one mistake can cause every moment of your prep to go to waste. We started out the week finishing depleting my body which consists of lowering your carbs. Each morning, I entered the gym, got my weight, emailed Doug, and onto fasted cardio. Oh, fasted cardio! I get through my cardio by mixing my CON-CRET Pre and CON-CRET Burn before I begin 30 minutes of treadmill or boxing. Cardio does not have to be boring or a chore!   Check out Charles boxing here!

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My meals at the beginning of the week consist of mainly fish, chicken, and  a little bit of  red meat. This is pretty consistent until later in the week when I will start carbohydrate loading which consists of putting carbs into your system when your body is depleted to fill out your muscles. This process will begin two days out from the show to put my muscles in peak presentation mode.  I also keep CON-CRET Amino and CON-CRET Gluta-Blast consistent throughout the week to stay hydrated and help with soreness, since this process can be tough on the body.


Today, one day out, Im feeling thankful above all. This sport can take a toll but with the right guidance, support, and attitude, Peak Week can be down right fun. Started out with an uplifting check in with coach and it’s smooth sailing from here.




Charles is please to report he finished in 1st place in Men’s Physique Class B securing his national qualification.


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