About ProMera Sports®

#1 Strength, Endurance and Recovery products for athletes and exercise enthusiasts.

Since 2007, ProMera Health, LLC’s product line has matured into 8 distinct categories and over 40 items creating a new division named ProMera Sports™. Our emphasis and philosophy is to market best-in-class quality products which are compliant with all organized amateur and professional sporting organizations.

Trust is critically important to us. Trust is earned daily through the hundreds of ProMera Sports™  customers who use our products and share their experiences with friends and family. Our commitment is to respect the value the work and healthy lifestyle our customers strive for. We would not want that any other way.

Our motto is “Reinforce your Passion” and it begins here.

ProMera Sports™  provides health conscious athletes and fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to experience safe sports and recovery supplements. We produce a variety of supplements that increase energy, endurance, strength, weight loss, burn fat, and recovery.

“I’m using the Women’s Elite formula and it feels fantastic…I definitely feel the sustained energy and have noticeably less fatigue when I do my hardest moves like Burpees with a Tuck Jump, or SpidermanPush Ups…The B vitamins also have a calming effect so I don’t feel jittery or nervous…I simply don’t get the same workout without it! I love all the ProMera Sports products I’ve used to date. They all deliver on their promise and they make my toughest workouts easier!” -Huffington Post Fitness Expert Jill Brown

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The science of strength and wellness

The ProMera Sports™ team has nearly 75 years of cumulative pharmaceutical, nutrition, and marketing experience. By leveraging our combined knowledge, we have created a company that is uniquely differentiated by the quality and value of the products we produce.

Wherever quality sports supplements are sold

Our primary distributor within the United State is Lone Star Distribution. Our Canadian distributor is True North Nutrition . We can be found at Bodybuilding.com, The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Rite Aid, Live Well, ANC, and anywhere the best supplements are sold.


Bodybuilding.com 2012 Creatine of the YEAR: CON-CRĒT® CREATINE HCL.

Bodybuilding.com 2011 Supplement Awards Nominations:Best Creatine: CON-CRĒT® CREATINE HCL.

Best Muscle Builder: CON-CRĒT® CREATINE HCL.

Break out Brand of the Year: ProMera Sports™.

NASKORSPORTS Creatine Product of the Year 2014: CON-CRĒT® CREATINE HCL.

NASKORSPORTS Creatine Product of the Year 2013: CON-CRĒT® CREATINE HCL.


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