5 HOT Fitness Trends for 2017

With the beginning of a new year, fitness trends have already appeared. What was last year in might have changed to give you the best exercise routine possible.

According to the predictions for 2017, studio fitness and sports enthusiasts will diversify their workouts by adopting the coolest and hottest exercise regime to stay in shape for the year to come.

The new faces of fitness for 2017 are tougher, more demanding and harder than ever!

  • Float Fit – a unique water workout

If you weren’t too fond of water sports in the past, you’ll certainly grow to love this new exercise routine that has the ability to work all of your muscles at once!

Float Fit has combined fitness with balancing, in order to give you the most advanced calorie burn session of your life. In addition to a sexier silhouette, you’ll gain muscle strength and increase your endurance.

Using a board while doing yoga will certainly improve your balance because the point is to make well-thought moves that will keep you dry while building muscle mass.

Staying afloat is the key, so concentration is a must. As long as you’ll focus on each part of your body, there’s nothing to worry about; there will be only gains.

The uniqueness of this trend has made people talk. It also intrigued them tremendously, so don’t be surprised if all your friends will subscribe to this new type of fitness.

It may be fun to splash around in a pool, but water fitness gives everybody the option to boost resistance and get back in shape in no time, through an intensive workout water session that will leave you breathless and hotter than ever.

  • Mindful Exercises – connect your body and mind

This trend has grown more and more popular in the last few years, but now people have become aware that working your body and neglecting your mind is no longer an option. Mindful exercising relies on your ability to connect with your mind to obtain the most efficient workout possible.

Yoga has taught us that without having complete control over our minds, our body can suffer, so by gaining awareness of the connection, we’ll lead a healthier and well-balanced life.

It takes time and knowledge to learn how to connect your mind with your body and now this trend will teach thousands of people that with mental clarity, we can function better and get the desired body.

The positive effects that mindful exercises can have over our mental health also transfer to our physical well-being. An exercise that incorporates both the mind and the body will get us ahead by proving that you can’t take care of only a single part of yourself. Without nourishing the connection between our minds and body, we miss on something important.

  • The Megaformer – not for the light hearted

If up until now reformer Pilates was big, now prepare to meet the newest and more advanced version, called the Megaformer. This complicated pilates bed with various levers, weights, and pulleys has gained ground in L.A., and it’s considered to be the biggest fitness trend of 2017.

Toning up has probably never been more exhausting than with Megaformer, but the benefits will surely be easy to spot. With a form similar to a high-octane Reformer Pilates, this new machine is both thrilling and terrifying. The chances are that nobody will ever say that fitness is an easy sport.

Exercises like the “wheelbarrow” or the “French Twist” will make you sweat and leave you exhausted, but not without taking your calories and leaving your body more toned than ever before. It’s really worth a try.

  • 360 Fitness – a holistic approach

People are always on the lookout for new ways to improve fitness methods and find better-optimized pre and post workout activities that will help them get the greatest results.

With a magic combo that incorporates physiotherapy, reformer Pilates, and sports massage, this 360 fitness trend focuses on how to boost performance, while minimizing injuries. Together with promoting a healthier lifestyle and a sense of wellbeing, this amazing fitness method will change the way we think about exercising.

The holistic approach has turned normal fitness exercises on every part until they were transformed into a new and improved workout routine destined for the maximum effect.

Working out without the risk of hurting yourself has become not only a goal, but a purpose, so if you were looking for exercises that won’t leave you with bruises or sprained ankles, go ahead and try 360 Fitness; you won’t be disappointed!

  • High Energy Athletic Training – this method will boost your strength

Virgin Active has launched a new training program called High Energy Athletic Training (H.E.A.T.), inspired by athletic workouts. This method is meant to help people lose any unnecessary weight and tone their bodies better and faster than ever before.

A more educated and specialized exercise routine will give you the proper workout that your whole body needs by increasing cardiovascular endurance.

Based on sports-focused theory, H.E.A.T. will be seen as the most impressive workout possible of 2017. It’s meant to stretch your muscles, define them and increase strength.

Training participants like athletes say that this trend takes a lot of commitment and perseverance. Different levels of intensity will aid people to start at a comfortable level and build stamina and power over time.

Without mental preparation, the chances are that many participants will get lost along the way because a one-hour session is divided into three parts. The first 20 minutes are somewhat similar to your usual aerobic routine, but after the intro, you get 20 minutes of lifting, pushing, lunging and throwing, that end with 20 minutes of explosive sprints.

Each of these trends has already started to gain followers, and once with the arrival of spring, more people will begin to enroll in at least one of these new fitness routines. Find the one that’s right for you and that also gives you the best workout possible. Also, take a look at the article ‘how to motivate yourself to workout’ to keep yourself motivated for working out and staying fit!

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