3 Quick Tips for BIGGER ARMS!


by Jack DiBenedetto

If you clicked this link, you want bigger arms. I mean really, who doesn’t? Bigger arms make everything better anyway.  You look like a super hero, they keep you warm in the winter which is a plus because sleeves will no longer be an option and they can be used as a floatation device in case of a water landing.


As always, I’m going to keep this short and straight to the point because everyone hates reading 4 million word articles when it could have all been written in 300.


Let’s get started.


Heavy compound movements such as close grip Bench press are great for adding lots of size and strength to your triceps. You can add bands or chains to this to really hit those triceps hard at the top of the lift and to switch things up.

Bent over Barbell rows are another great way to add size to your arms without isolating the muscles.

Even though your biceps and triceps are secondary movers with these exercises, they are moving a lot more weight than they normally would if you were to isolate them. This forces the muscles to adapt (grow) to compensate for the new stress put on the body.

A few other great choices are board or pin presses, weighted pull ups, JM Press and Cable rows with a rope.



 This is pretty straight forward. If you normally rest 3 min between sets, then lower that to 2 min. Simple, right?  By doing this, the muscles don’t have enough time to recover fully and again are forced to adapt. This also helps with muscle endurance.



This is where it gets fun… and by fun, I mean you’ll need 6 weeks in therapy to figure out why you’re doing this to yourself.


Let’s start with forced reps and what they are. First off, you will need a partner for these. For example, if you can normally only do 225 for 4 reps on close grip bench, you would have your partner help you lift another 3-4 reps. Your partner needs to make these hard for you by only lifting what you need to finish the reps clean.


Drop sets are exactly that. You will do your normal set and after you finish your reps you will immediately drop the weight down and perform another few reps, usually to failure. I recommend doing this on the last set of the last exercise you have. This really fills the muscle with blood (THE PUMP) and that’s what you want. As time goes by, the more you get that PUMP, the more capillaries (tiny blood vessels) it will create. The more capillaries you have, the more oxygen, nutrients and bigger pumps that muscle will receive. If your nutrition is sound, this is a never-ending cycle of growth.


A Super set is normally when you do 2 or more exercises back to back. They are also a great way to get a huge pump in a short amount of time. Examples of this would be, doing a set of cable Triceps pushdowns and going right into cable Biceps curls.




  • Close grip Bench with forced reps on last 2 sets. 5 sets 6 reps (+ 4 forced reps on last 2 sets). 2 min rest


  • Lying Triceps extensions with EZ curl bar. Super set with standing barbell curls. 6 sets 12 reps. 2 min rest


  • Cable triceps Push downs (V-Bar) super set with Cable Biceps curls 4 x 12 with drop sets on each exercise on last set.




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