“I’m using the Women’s Elite formula and it feels fantastic…I definitely feel the sustained energy and have noticeably less fatigue when I do my hardest moves like Burpees with a Tuck Jump, or SpidermanPush Ups…The B vitamins also have a calming effect so I don’t feel jittery or nervous…I simply don’t get the same workout without it! I love all the ProMera Sports products I’ve used to date. They all deliver on their promise and they make my toughest workouts easier!” –Huffington Post Fitness Expert Jill Brown

Yesterday afternoon I received the box of supplements you sent. I love the new protein. I also tried out Pump Extrem for the first time, and it really got me going during my workout. I drank Gluta Blast halfway through my heavy deadlift training and had the protein right after I got done. Today, I feel completely recovered with no soreness at all. You guys really make some awesome products. – Emily Reuland

I can’t say enough good things about Promera’s stuff. Everything I’ve tried has been excellent. Each pre-workout is efficient and not overwhelming, the Burn formula gives me a good caffeine boost and has helped me with losing some extra fat, the creatine is great and doesn’t make me feel bloated, and the protein powder is out of this world! They always have some sort of promotion or bundle available and usually provide a sample of something with each shipment, so you get to try a lot of their stuff before you buy it. I haven’t really felt a need to get my supplements from anyone else. And finally, the prices are pretty reasonable. Try getting products of this quality from a supplement store for this price. –Brandon J.

“This is the best creatine product I have ever tried. Period. I was skeptical at first about the amazing claims, so I decided to go with the free sample. After using up the sample, I’ve already had great gains. (5-10 pounds per workout) And this was just the sample.” –Supplement Reviews

“I am a 43yo 165lb powerlifter who has had issues with stomach upset when taking other supplements in the past. For months I’ve been using Con-Cret and have been very impressed with no stomach upset and great results. So I decided to try other products. Over the last week I’ve been using Beta-Cret and love the result in how it increases my endurance and just general WANT to keep going during my training! Have also been using Gluta Blast over the past few days and I have to say after a grueling squat day I was expecting to wake up barely be able to walk as usual, but I was not…My muscles were stiff but not sore. And I also seem to have more energy throughout my day and an unexpected benefit which is to actually sleep through the night. I am very pleased with these three products and will continue to use them on my road to the USAPL Masters Nationals!” -Jason Porter

“I just wanted to let you all know, your pre-workout PUMP EXTRĒM® is hands down the greatest pre-workout I have ever taken. I have been taking pre-workouts since I was about 16 and am currently 22. So I have tried just about everything on the market. I’ve tried both ON pre’s, jekyll and hyde and a mix of both. 1 MR, MP assault, C4, Juggernaut, Nitraflex, and honestly I can’t name them all. Nothing has come even close to the pre-workout you all formulated with the PUMP EXTRĒM®. I recommend it to so many people daily. I just wanted to let you all know, how much I loved it! I’ve never gotten such extreme pumps, vasodialation, energy in anything else. The other aspect of it that took me by surprise is that I still am yet to build a tolerance. Many other pre-workouts are okay the first time then useless the second time. I’ve taken PUMP EXTRĒM® back to back (with 2 week breaks in between) about 4 times now and still experience the same intensity as day 1. Thank you all so much for an incredible product at such a great price point also!” -Erik Ferreira

“Best creatine and glutamine around! I used your products for my last show prep and I truly believed it made all the difference. I landed a solid 3rd place in the open figure division of INBF Naturalmania. Thank you!” -L. Davidson

“I’ve tried alot of supplements, but I love ProMera Sports products by far I love CAPSI-BLAST® watermelon a lot for the flavor, and functionality. It tastes amazing! 9.9 And gives me plenty of energy to crush my workouts 9.0″ – J. Wilcox

“ProMera products are some serious top of the line supplements; I’ve never got a better pump out of a workout than when I’ve used CAPSI-BLAST®. In addition, I’ve been using Con-Cret HCl recently and I can notice a serious improvement in performance without all the bloating another creatine would supply…great price for quality products, and an amazing team to be part of!! #TeamProMera!” –A. Pavaia

Hands down, this is the best creatine I’ve ever tried. Let me tell you I’ve searched for many years, trying different brands and types, and lucky me, I found my other half. The best thing about this creatine is that you do not need to take 10g per day for 5 days to load up your system and finally experience the effects( monohydrate). No sir, this Con-Cret works 30 min within consumption. –J. Velez

I began using creatine in 2006 with my first competition. The only supplements I took were creatine, a multivitamin and glutamine. The creatine I was taking at that time was taken off the market. My first encounter with ProMera Sports/CON-CRET was at the Dallas Europa in 2007 when I was searching for a new creatine and I took a sample of the HCL raw creatine. I fell in love with this product! I could tell a difference immediately that I had more endurance, faster recovery and improved strength with the use of the creatine. I didn’t have any side effects, no bloating, no nausea, etc that I had previously experienced with other pre workouts. I wouldn’t train WITHOUT IT! I have used it consistently since 2007. I don’t cycle on/off, I use it year round and my creatine and BUN levels have been normal. ProMera Sports/CON-CRET Creatine has added several new products since that time. I love stacking my products before a workout/competition. I call it my secret formula. I don’t get the crash like some of my friends do when coming off of their pre workout. I love the Women’s Elite, because it has the creatine as well as the B vitamins and capsi which gives me that boost without the extra added caffeine. I also love the PEAK (oral ATP) that helps with my endurance, especially on my longer CrossFit workouts or when I am doing a longer run/bike ride. I recommend any of these products to all my friends/family, and people I encounter daily. –Stephanie Strong

I just about never do any reviews but CON-CRET is good enough for me to want to say something. Its a great product and the energy i get from it wows me. I am surprised how fast i recover now that ive been drinking this regularly. Great product and I’ll be getting more before i run out. Try it yourself…. Good price too.

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