25 MARCH 2014

A Que Alimentos Tienes Adicción?

IFBB Pro Ana Delia De Iturrondo, atleta de ProMera Sports, comparte algunos tips que te ayudaran a protegerte de los antojos y ser fiel a tu meta. Okay, tener control personal es probablemente una de las cosas más difíciles en cuanto se trata del fitness. El entrenamiento es lo más fácil comparado con comer adecuadamente […]

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25 MARCH 2014

Interview with Blaine Sumner

1.Please tell us about yourself and the main life events that led to you becoming the world record holder? I am 26 years old, born and raised in Colorado and currently residing in Oklahoma. Would like to move back to Wyoming. I competed in sports year round growing up (Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Track & Field) […]

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20 DECEMBER 2013

Build Your Pec Shelf – A Tutorial on the Incline Dumbbell Press

Quick question: Have you ever heard the phrase, “when he turned to the side, he disappeared?” How about, “the guy has the shoulder width, but the ‘front to back’ thickness just isn’t there?” When it comes to building an impressive body, width AND thickness are required. Just like cookies and milk, having one without the […]

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25 NOVEMBER 2013

Thanksgiving – Turkey With a Side of Guilt?

Thanksgiving – Turkey With a Side of Guilt? by Robin Romero, Certified Personal Trainer, R.U.D. E. Girl Fitness Team ProMera Content Contributor Thanksgiving is just around the corner once again. Dieters everywhere are in panic of the impending food holiday. But why? It’s just ONE day! The Pilgrims and Indians didn’t sit down to a […]

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Four Post Workout (PWO) Nutrition Myths

Kizzito Ejam Team ProMera Content Contributor In any professional field there will always be contradictions and confusion. The fitness industry is no different. Search through any nutrition or fitness website, or thumb through a training magazine, and you’ll find an array of opinions. Eventually, after you’ve sifted all the trash out of your “litter box […]

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The Pancake Diet

  By Robin Romero Team ProMera Content Contributor Greetings from 20,000 feet in the air somewhere between San Diego and San Francisco! I find myself on a morning flight and have heard quite a lot of people in the airport, and on my flight, discussing their breakfast. For many people, breakfast was a cup of […]

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